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LYNE is a minimalist puzzle game designed by Thomas Bowker. I created a series of unlockable colour palettes, app store assets, promotional material, and Steam wallpapers and trading card art.

LYNE was a 2014 IndieCade finalist, a finalist in audio design at FreePlay 2013, and also received an honourable mention for design at Freeplay 2013.

LYNE is available for iOS and Android, and via Steam or for Windows, Linux and Mac.

The array is continual and eternal. For every completed grid, billions more rush outward from origin into the reaches of the array.

Fragments of shapes and patterns spontaneously form as they are accelerated towards origin, reaching the end of their long journey back from the edges of the array.

In time, older shapes drifting far from origin may begin to clump together under their own natural inclination to form connections. In some cases they may form giant accretions, quite unlike anything that exists closer to origin.

At the furthest extent of the array, the most ancient shapes, long burdened with high surface area, begin to decompose into substrate geometry. These fragments will eventually return to origin and become incorporated into new compositions.

It is not known whether the array has any real ending. It may be possible that there are other arrays, different shapes, even alternative geometries, somewhere unimaginably distant from origin.