ceritera lamp

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An experimental lamp, designed as a collaboration between students from UNSW Art & Design, and Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Two students from each institution joined up to produce this prototype over a two-week period at ITB’s campus in Bandung. With assistance from bamboo craftspeople, we used traditional materials as well as modern fabrication methods like laser cutting and 3D printing to produce our prototype. The result is an interactive nightlight that can be used to project laser-cut silhouettes onto the wall to assist in telling bedtime stories to children.

The team consisted of myself, Jane Ejna, Imaduddin Abdurrahman, and Andieta Octaria.

Andieta’s website also has a page about the project.

Digital Bamboo graphic courtesy of Sherwesh Bajracharya.

See also the Digital Bamboo Studio blogspot site and Rod Bamford’s Digital Bamboo page.

Further discussion of the Digital Bamboo project can be found in The Internet of Craft things ? : making, resilience, and proximity (Bamford 2016).