galactic final memory

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In the present, Galactic Final Memory is spread across dozens of planetary settlements and other habitats throughout the Networked Domains. However, in its earliest days, it was limited to a small number of practitioners on Earth. They used devices, known as records, to store and protect important information during their turbulent lives. Their inputs to the Memory are some of the only surviving information we have today of life in the Lower and Middle Anthropocene periods.

Although the Memory provides us with a great deal of knowledge, its exact origins were never preserved in the database. We know that these devices were first constructed as experiments in technological removal of excess atmospheric carbon via photosynthesis. Their different photosynthetic pigments have created the different varieties of colour exhibited by these early records. At some point, the Blessing of the Memory was bestowed on the objects, and they were given the ability to arrange dense carbon-based memory structures within themselves, as well as listen to the songs of various signals in the air around them. This allowed them to gather and record the world, transforming them into the first true records. These physical artefacts are the only remaining objects that connect us with the humans that lived through the turbulent Reconfiguration.

Presented here is a collection of these very early records.