Lyne on Steam, 2114

Lyne came to Steam and I drew some pictures for it, which you can see here.

My holophone’s ringing echoed through the Memory Association Auto and Aerospace Repair Warehouse. I slid out from under the machine I was working on - a beautiful Urgot-Maylor solo orbiter, the 2086 model - got up, wiped the grease off my hands onto a rag and grabbed the receiver. Thommo B was on the line. His projection shimmered into life just where my tool cart was, casting odd projector shadows around the room. “Mate,” he said, “I’m in a bit of a bind. I just got off the blower from Steam Heavy Industries and they want me to get a space-hardened Lyne variant ready for mass production. I’ve got my hands full running the Melbourne-Bennu logistics simulations. Reckon you can lend me a hand?”

“I thought Lyne was space-hardened?” I asked.

“Yeah, but only for LEO, maybe geo, they need interplanetary, maybe hard enough for the outers, reckon you’re up for it?” I thought for a second. “Yeah, I’m keen as, send us the specs?”

“Yeah, sick!” said Thommo. “I’ll ship the nonprintables and I’m uploading the specs now. I gotta run, but let’s touch base in a week or so, let me know how you’re going with it?”

“Yeah alright, sick. I’ll get stuck into it now, talk later.” I dropped the receiver back into the bucket as the projection vanished. I frowned at nothing for a second. The network terminal at the other end of the room squeaked out a short audio code to let me know the specification file had finished downloading. With a guilty glance at the Urgot-Maylor, I headed to the fabricator room. There was work to do

Archived comment from 2014 by Orbit3_Area47:

I had a similar problem with my K-Plano the other day, such a hectic mess. I’m only at the pre-production stages, it’s a small part but it’s the details that makes the difference to the overall performance. Maybe I can export my Exo68 to the defined space for you to check out?

It’s running a protocurbed glitch at the moment that interferes with the imaginary surfaces on the twin motors protection circuit.

I’ll holocall you later.

Comment reply: Holo-PHONE!

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