It may be possible in the long term for vertices to drift so far from origin that they will begin to overlap with one another, closing over open forms and causing fundamental disturbances to the arrangements of the array. Although the effects of this are unknown, it is not inconceivable that such an event would precipitate the collapse of the array, and the decomposition of all contained geometry. Whether any organised structure would survive - and what form it would have - is an unanswerable inquiry at the present time.

My last Lyne dance. The end of the Lyne. The full powers of Illustrator and Photoshop (and my new favourite Ximagic dithering plugins) combined. Pretty happy with this one as an exercise in greater cross-program working methods, even if it did eat all my RAM. Created as a special limited edition for Glitchmark’s Game Art Melbourne Exhibition.

Archived comment from 2014: looks great man! So proud!

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