three thousand dreams

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AI-generated images from a fictional future setting where people live in many ways on many worlds.

A website containing descriptions associated with each image, and hyperlinks between them, is currently under construction. By exploring the site, viewers can learn about events, places, people and cultures that exist in the far future. The site is generated using org-mode, ox-hugo and Hugo. It uses a modified version of Lukas Joswiak’s etch theme for Hugo.

2 images are posted daily on Mastodon from a library of all images created so far (currently 345). They were also posted on Twitter prior to API changes in May 2023.

Each image is accompanied by text explaining the subject of the image. The setting from which the descriptions are drawn is self-consistent, but the events and places portrayed may not be properly understood by viewers as we lack the context to understand the nature of technologies and cultures that do not currently exist, or places we have not yet visited.

The setting is being developed alongside the creation of the images, and the project will be completed once three thousand images and descriptions have been created.

Notes on AI-generated artwork

Image content used for this project is created using machine learning tools, including big-sleep and Midjourney. Prompts used to generate images do not refer to specific artists or their works, nor do they attempt to target the styles of any living or dead artists (though they may do so unintentionally as a result of the training data used by these tools).

I acknowledge that these tools do not seek consent of the creators whose works are included in their training input, and are an imperfect representation of human visual culture based on bulk scraping and reprocessing of the work of human artists.

Some content may also use machine generated images based on an initial image created by me, or include images that are created by hand.