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Gravity Well is a tablescape designed to remind the viewer of their place in the universe. It presents a tablescape of two reflecting and opposing spheres, the Earth and the heavens. Both consist of a series of miniature bowls, with the Earth's bowls displaying blue, black, green and white tones, while the unfamiliar bowls of heaven display eerie and exotic crackled and bubbled glaze textures.

The bowls vary between 10-50mm in size, and are 5-15mm in height. They are extremely thin and fragile - you could probably bite through them. All bowls were fired at 1280°c, split about evenly between oxidation and reduction firings. I created two large flat plaster casts, each of 12 bowls, and used these to produce roughly 270 bowls. If you're curious about how I made them, check out this timelapse video I created. I also filmed myself setting them up at COFAspace.

Below: selected examples from of the bowls produced as part of Gravity Well, and documentation of the production process. Click to enlarge.