Paradox, 2013

34 page A5 booklet, Adobe Indesign / Illustrator / Photoshop, bonzai3d
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The Fermi Paradox has haunted me ever since I first read about it. Although our searches for alien life, and intelligence, have been limited so far, we have no concrete evidence that it exists - but many people suppose that it should, or might. The galaxy is very old, and even if we assume faster-than-light travel is not possible, alien species older than us have had plenty of time to conquer, colonise, or explore. Something out there prevents or diverts any and every technological culture from interstellar exploration, at least in a way detectable by humans. The Fermi Paradox deals with the arguments and theories that might explain this eerie silence our little Earth tumbles through.

 "Paradox" is a booklet that addresses the Fermi Paradox. It's designed to function as a fairly basic introduction to the subject, although rudimentary understanding of scientific principles and cosmology will maximise a reader's engagement. It covers my own explanations of various hypothetical solutions to the Fermi Paradox, a discussion of interstellar spaceflight, a section on the UFO phenomenon, a writeup of a survey I conducted on the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence, and a semi-formal essay on the potential godlike abilities that advanced aliens might possess.

I also illustrated the magazine with a series of highly detailed vector artworks, each specifically created to work with the colour scheme of the booklet, and to complement the tone and content of the articles with which they appear. I incorporated nearly every single Illustrator trick I've learned along with my own personal art style to ensure that each image is engaging, vivid and distinctive. 

Thanks to all survey respondents for your interesting and humorous answers, and special thanks to my friends Ena and Monique for patiently correcting a multitude of my spelling, grammar and style mishaps.

You can download "Paradox" as a PDF here, or view it via the gallery below.