"Living Memory", July 2013.

3D model / pendant, lost wax cast in sterling silver

"Living Memory" is a pendant designed to communicate the significance of mathematical and scientific knowledge and practice. It is capable of communicating mathematical principles embedded in its form - pi and the golden ratio - to any sentient being with sufficient mathematical knowledge and compatible ontological systems.

The pendant is a further development of the ideas explored in MA010 "Logolith". MA010 had a greater focus on process and skills development in 3D printing and slipcasting. As a result of a long period of experimentation, a number of different potential configurations were explored. MA015 is a more personal reification of one of those discarded alternates in the form of a pendant.

This pendant is a single piece of silver, with an opening for a chain or cord. It is asymmetrical, but evenly weighted so that it hangs vertically. Like MA010, it is designed very specifically around the mathematical figures of pi and the golden ratio, both of which can be represented by the ratios between two different lengths.

The form was initially designed in CAD software. PLA 3D test prints were made to determine optimal sizing before a wax print was made for lost wax casting. After casting the piece was hand-polished.