"Moss", June 2013.

Terracotta earthenware / moss 

I designed a wheelthrown ceramic piece to house moss. The two most important considerations in this design are that of the environmental requirements of the moss, and of the conceptual response of the piece to the moss. In terms of environmental concerns, I chose a porous terracotta clay, to enable moisture to permeate easily into the ceramic. I also used a number of small clay rods in a cluster to create a high surface area and work with the main form to create shady areas to retain moisture. Conceptually, the parts were modeled off the reproductive organs of moss, antheridia and archegonia, so as to hopefully give the moss a little bit of psychological stimulation while trying to encourage it to grow on the form. This was accentuated with a dribbly and frankly pretty disgusting-looking glaze oozing from its openings, calling to mind the simultaneous grottiness and lasciviousness of the sexu... anyway. I made a thing that grows moss on it.